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Ever wondered what would it be like to have leads and sales flooding into your business a few months down the line? Ever thought if that could be possible with your existing marketing budget or may be less than that!
So ask yourself.. If you have been spending your hard-earned money on marketing by following strategies from the so-called Marketing Gurus of Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Udemy Etc…Or fed up with your marketing agencies giving you unreasonable excuses than results? Then put our tried and tested strategies that are already deployed in 30+ Industries resulting in explosive business growth.
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Case Studies

See the results for yourself. Below is a notable example of how successful our digital marketing strategies have proven to be for our clients.


How Geeklurn generated 210% more Digital Marketing Revenue

MMG Constructions

How MMG captured 622 leads at Rs 81 per lead through Facebook Ads

White Frame Events

How Event Company generated 516 leads at Rs 15.16 from Instagram Ads

Proud Stories

“Web Converts has boosted our sales exponentially. Within 6 months, we have seen a growth of 180% paid revenue, and a 40% increase in organic traffic. We highly recommend web converts to any company willing to achieve their digital marketing goals.”


Founder and Managing director of Geeklurn.

Digital Services We Offer

Our digital growth services will help your business achieve marketing goals.


We build stunning websites that aren’t just beautiful but generate qualified leads and sales for your business.


Our proven white-hat SEO strategies rank your website on Page 1 of Google, eventually acquire qualified traffic, & build authority.

Google Ads

Our high-performance Google ad campaigns drive conversions and sales. We are not talking about clicks and impressions here.

Social Media Ads

Our Hyper-targeted Social Ad Campaigns reach your targeted audience and generate qualified leads.


The easiest way to answer this is that digital marketing can sky rocket your revenue. Moreover, if done right, digital marketing will boost leads, conversions and sales to big numbers. Increasing customers are opting digital means to buy products. Now how to find these buyers and win them?? The only solution here is digital marketing.

The most efficient way to see how digital marketing can help your business expand and grow, is to grow your awareness about how it has boosted the growth of other businesses that share the same goals as you do.

The success stories of many online businesses are a proven example of how powerful digital marketing is. If implemented in the right direction, with correct strategy and expert guidance, any business will cross the milestone of exploding leads and sales.

Digital marketing isn’t just for online businesses. Digital marketing has an enormous impact on sales which is why call we it the digital influence. Most of the buyers already keep their choices ready before they enter the store. There was a time when all of this was expressed just by traditional marketing methods like catalogues. Today their decisions are strongly impacted by many digital platforms.

As per the facebook reports, 49% of all in-store purchases are strongly impacted by online purchases, half of which is done on mobile phones. Buyers browse their mobile phones to browse products, go through product information and see the availability of the product. Consumers also keep exploring digital alternatives while being present in the stores to find out more about products, compare quality and prices online.

How data can scale your digital marketing goals? Digital marketing provides us with ample of data, which can be used in many productive ways. Its always better to target the audience that you know is very likely to covert. For example, if you wish to make a paid search campaign for any of your new products, you can achieve that by using analytics, you will be able to see which ad campaigns achieved maximum conversions with your target audience. You can then, make use of these marketing insights to recreate this success with ad campaigns in the future, which means you can get rid of unwanted expenditure and place your prime focus and budget on your strategy which is sure to boost your business..

Well, all this sounds simple and exciting but to get started with digital marketing for your business? Our Digital Growth experts are all you will need. Get in touch with us and know how we can help you generate enormous leads and sales. Know why we are the best digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

Online marketing and its methods are changing every single day. Everyday experts are coming up with new strategies and plans to boost businesses. Some digital marketing trends are such that no company can afford to ignore them.

However, some trends are widespread. Rising demand of mobile phones, for example, has been going on for a long time now, which means there is no doubt that users are meeting all their needs and requirements with digital devices. However, there are also many companies that are yet to understand the actual influence of ad spend, content and other digital services.

To increase conversions, brands need to get better at producing custom, conversational content, especially video content, that can create a strong impact on your hyper-targeted audience.

The good news? When you work with Web Converts, you can be confident as our team is on top of the latest trends.

Choosing the apt digital marketing agency for your business can indeed be a daunting task. That should be your first task. The market is flooded with numerous digital marketing agencies, all claiming to offer the best services with guaranteed results. So how do you know which digital marketing agency in Bangalore you should trust?

An online marketing agency that is willing to dig to the bottom of your business goals and requirements, to further develop a core strategy that will boost up your revenue to large numbers, is all you need. One such agency that is not willing to give up on your business until the desired revenue is generated in better and efficient ways. You surely want a digital agency that ensures to represent your brand in the best possible way and keeps your goals at its prime focus. And you know you’ve found the right agency for your business when your leads and sales start boosting at an exponential rate.

Now how to find one such dream agency that fulfils all your digital marketing goals? List all the digital marketing services that you want your digital agency to work on. List your questions like, if you need an agency just for search engine optimisation and social media marketing? Or do you want them to look after your brand as a whole? This will help you narrow down your options.

Next, find out the technologies used by the agency. Find out if they have a deep understanding of how the tools work and how to use them for the benefit of your business. You can also check out if the tools they use can integrate into your existing systems for future use. In short, figure out how the digital agency works, their strategies and industry knowledge.

After understanding how the agency functions, drill them on how they will get results. What they answer will reveal a lot about how they work and help you decide if they’re the right partner for you. Go through their track record.

Sink in deeper into their case studies and see what results they have achieved so far and how did they do it. Research on how do they stack up. Search keenly for real, and lasting results. Discover what types of clients they’ve worked with and if they are versatile. Find out the range of industries and business sizes they have worked with. Don’t just chase agencies that have only worked with large business. Working with an online marketing agency that has worked mostly with smaller businesses can help you get personalised attention which is difficult to find in cities like Bangalore.

Stay careful about those agencies who do not talk to you about their previous clients. See to it if they are talking out loud and clear about the results they provide. If they don't, there’s probably nothing that they can do or achieve. You definitely want to avoid one such digital agency. (We have lots to shout about here at Web Converts. Have a look at our case studies and see for yourself! There is nothing to hide here. We not just give you results but also help you understand our core strategies.

You need an agency that will invest time on knowing you. Understanding your business should be the primary goal for any agency to provide quality results. See to it that your agency focuses on open and honest communication. Begin the conversation by bringing realistic expectations and putting forward some of the important questions. Discover how you work together. You should at least receive a monthly report showing the progress of the work done and the results. However, for significant results, see to it that your agency pro actively holds up regular meetings and keeps in touch.

Are you aware of the losses businesses suffer due to cyber attack? So you also need an agency that is efficient in preventing these threats. Your agency should be able to provide and implement the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates for all your pages. SSL certificate has encrypted information that protects crucial data. And its a must when you’re handling sensitive data from clients, such as their bank account details. There’s a lot to look for, research and consider when choosing the apt online marketing company in Bangalore. A simple conversation starts it all. Get in touch with us today!

Whether its a small business a start up or a well-established enterprise, they all come to us to give their company a sky-rocketing boost. So we assure you regardless of what size your business is. If its traders or online retailers, or even largest of enterprises, we are well versed with the "know how" of how to get your get your business to the top. Most of the times, we have already partnered with a company having marketing goals similar to yours that helps us understand your business better and clear. Looking for the right online marketing agency to guide you through this?

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