Rewatt Energy

How Rewatt captured 169 leads at Rs 96 per lead through Facebook Ads


Leads Generated



Rs 96

Average Cost Per Lead

The Challenge

Rewatt Energy is a corporation dedicated to using renewable energy to make the world a better and healthier place. Their solutions are tailored to meet the demands of customers for commercial and residential purposes. However, they required professional guidance and assistance to help them with their digital transformation.

Some of the key issues that were preventing them from growing their business was the improper management of their website including designs, graphics, content and more, weak strategic approach which couldn’t convey the industrial purpose of the business, poor branding and ineffective marketing and advertising campaigns.

They then partnered with WebConverts to remodel their under-performing website, bring brand authority, brand recognition and flip their marketing game in the challenging market.

Key Problems

The old website with limiting design range and bad planning resulting in restricting the intention of the business properly

Inefficient search engine visibility to drive the desired traffic and sales.

Prior marketing campaigns failed to create long-lasting customer-client relationship and revenue generation.

The old media strategy didn't help much in outranking the competitors in the market

Our Approach

We chose to build a perfect strategic plan after researching and visualizing Rewatt Energy whole business model and objectives. To help Rewatt gain leads in a busy and competitive digital world, we designed an audience specific digital marketing approach from the roots. Running social media campaigns, branding, website creation, organic outreach and paid advertising were all part of the package.


Our expansion tactics and Facebook campaigns helped Rewatt get 357-page likes and a reach of 6,482 with 13,266 impressions, giving Rs 5.15 as the cost per result for the first campaign.

Our second campaign raised 25 On-facebook leads with a reach of 10,547 and 17,424 impressions, giving a lump-sum cost of Rs 80.96 per result.

The third campaign brought 169 On-Facebook leads bringing a reach of 34,804 and a total of 100,096 impressions. The cost per result for this campaign was Rs 95.96.

The last campaign gained us 136 leads, 48,294 impressions, and a reach of 25,334. Rs 29.71 was the cost per result for this campaign.

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