MMG Constructions

How MMG captured 622 leads at Rs 81 per lead through Facebook Ads


Leads Generated



Rs 81

Average Cost Per Lead

The Challenge

MMG Constructions is one of the largest construction companies in the industry providing economical and efficient construction solutions. Being a residential construction firm, they are changing the cityscapes of Mysore and Bangalore with their bold new designs, high engineering, ethical standards and professional outlook.

Though the company is committed to delivering quality products on time at a good value, MMG needed the right mentor to guide their marketing campaigns and branding efforts in the right direction, targeting customers, and generating online revenue in a crowded digital market.

They partnered with Web Converts to steer successful hyper targeted social media ad campaigns and build a solid reputation for market excellence.

Key Problems

The old website with limiting design range and bad planning resulting in restricting the intention of the business properly

Inefficient search engine visibility to drive the desired traffic and sales.

Prior marketing campaigns failed to create long-lasting customer-client relationship and revenue generation.

The old media strategy didn't help much in outranking the competitors in the market

Our Approach

We did our competitive analysis for MMG Constructions, went through the competitors and understood the market. We designed customer-centric web copies and built our campaigns making the use of high-end graphics, images and videos. Our social media marketing campaigns through Facebook and Instagram were planned in such a way that it reaches our hyper-specific targeted audience, interested in buying properties. Our marketing plan also included a free site visit for the customers. Thus helping MMG build a strong social media presence and brand authority.

With our customer-centric approach and growth strategies, Web Converts helped MMG rise above the rest of the market.


Our marketing campaigns using Facebook and Instagram as our marketing channels and growth strategies boosted sales for MMG at an exponential rate. Running these campaigns for Bangalore and Mysore city led us to a reach of 65,998 and 159,152 impressions, 258 on-facebook leads with a cost of Rs 97.80 per lead for Bangalore, and a reach of 90,300, 269,334 impressions, 364 on-facebook leads and Rs 70.39 per lead for Mysore.

So, in total we generated 622 leads for an average Rs 81.76 per lead, with a reach of 154,361 and 428,486 impressions for MMG constructions.

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