How to engage the audience with video content?

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Currently, 3.37 Billion Internet users are consuming video content this year. It will reach 3.5 billion by 2023. Nearly 82% of global internet traffic comes from videos. Now you know the importance of creating and tracking video content.

Tips to engage the audience for video content


A static image gives an overview of video content and that will increase the traffic flow. According to this representation, the audience decides whether to check the video or not. The main idea behind it is to brief the visitor on what to expect from the video.

To make an impressive thumbnail, let’s follow these steps.

  • Use bright colours. It is better to Avoid white and grey colours.
  • Add a human element, which represents more resourcefulness.
  • Try to show your progress, which indicates the starting point and the final results.
  • Add text in large fonts and try to convey the mood of your video to the audience.
  • Make sure to create a thumbnail in the correct size.

Use The Right Keywords

  • Add keywords in your title and description. It helps to get more traffic.
  • If people are searching for it, it could be listed in the search suggestions. Make a note of it and try to use it in the title. This helps to reach more audiences.
  • There is a 100-character limit for the title. You must use nearly 60 characters, which is more than half of the allotted characters for Keywords.
  • The partial description would appear in the search results. So make sure to add maximum keywords in the first part of the video title.

Use Hashtags

When you use relevant hashtags in social media & Youtube can show easily the list of videos related to that hashtag.

User Engagement

  • To get more video ads, YouTube wants the audience to be engaged with that content. When you have more engagement, it helps to get high rankings. 
  • The first ten seconds of your video are very crucial and play a major role in making viewers stay. Hence use them wisely. 
  • Add timestamps so that the audience can go directly to the part of the video that they’re interested in and timestamps help to appear in highlights.
  • Create playlists. It helps the audience to stay longer. Try to add other related video links.

Audience Feedback

Likes, Dislikes, Comments and Shares indicate the audience’s perspective on your video. The audience can connect in whichever way they want. When an audience shares your video content, it indicates that you have touched and impressed the audience’s mind.

Watching Time

It helps to calculate the average time spent by the audience in watching a particular video and to calculate audience engagement. Try to find and concentrate on the part of the video that got liked by the audience mostly. This helps in creating more such content in your future videos.


After posting every video, you can see how many subscribers got increased or decreased from your channel. You can note down these numbers and analyse them because it gives a clear picture of the quality of your content.


Whatever you create and whichever response you get,  make sure to track your metrics. Recently video results have split into different types.

Recommended tools: TubeBuddy, VidIQ


With the right video content and creativity, we can improve our Digital marketing efficiency for any business. Collecting necessary data from reliable sources and utilising it in the best way, will help to optimize marketing strategy with less effort.

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